Cooler Heads Digest 27 May 2011


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In the News

Energy Myths of the Left
Ross Kaminsky, American Spectator, 27 May 2011

T. Boone: Remember When You Said\205?
Robert Bradley, Master Resource, 27 May 2011

Where's Gore's Michigan Drought?
Henry Payne, The Michigan View, 26 May 2011

The EPA's Green Tyranny
Rich Trzupek, Washington Examiner, 25 May 2011

Polar Ice Rapture Misses Deadline
James Taylor, Forbes, 25 May 2011

Is It \221Game on' over Energy Subsidies in the Show-Me State?
Chris Horner, AmSpecBlog, 25 May 2011

NAS Panel Backs Manufactured Crisis To Tame Climate Change
Chip Knappenberger, Master Resource, 25 May 2011

Oil Speculators Are Our Friends
Jerry Taylor & Peter Van Doren, Forbes, 24 May 2011

Energy Subsidies Threaten To Break GOP's Small Government Promise
James Valvo, Washington Times, 23 May 2011

Climategate Docs Confirm Wegman's Hypothesis
Steve McIntyre, Climate Audit, 23 May 2011

Inconvenient Truths about Renewable Energy
Matt Ridley, Wall Street Journal, 21 May 2011

News You Can Use
Another Alarmist Myth Debunked

In the wake of the deadly tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri this week, global warming alarmists were quick to claim that global warming was the culprit. Not so, says Harold Brooks, research meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Oklahoma. He told a leading science web site that, \223we see no correlation between global or US national temperature and tornado occurrence.\224

Inside the Beltway
Myron Ebell

Update on the Boondoggle Bandwagon

The controversy over the T. Boone Pickens Earmark Bill, H. R. 1380, continued to grow this week. Three more Republicans joined Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM) in getting off the Boonedoggle Bandwagon and withdrew as co-sponsors.  They are Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.), and Tim Griffin (R-Ark.).  The complete list of 187 co-sponsors can be found here

A joint letter organized by Heritage Action for America and signed by seventeen conservative organizations opposing the bill was sent to the Hill. Pickens himself published an op-ed co-authored by flack-for-hire Denise Bode in Politico that was full of his usual blend of self regard, bluster, and misinformation.  Pickens and Bode claimed in the op-ed that the House Republican Study Committee has endorsed his bill.  It has not, and Politico quickly corrected Pickens.  They also claimed that wind power is now cheaper than new coal-fired power. 

Pickens continues to claim that he is not in this for the money, but only to reduce America's reliance on foreign oil.  See my CEI colleague Marlo Lewis's blog on detailing Pickens's BP Capital Management's investments in a wide range of companies that would benefit by enactment of the Pickens-Your-Pocket Plan.

Obama Administration Pretends To Cut Regulations

After a five-month review, the Obama Administration announced this week that it had gotten rid of, was going to get rid of, or was considering getting rid of several dozen unnecessary regulations. The total savings could add up to several billions of dollars a year.

As part of the rollout, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it was reviewing 31 regulations for elimination.  EPA also announced that it had suspended the new rules regulating milk spills under the Clean Water Act.  That will save dairy farmers an estimated $146 million a year.  Ending another regulation will save gas station owners $67 million a year. 

This exercise indicates the level of contempt that President Barack Obama and his Administration have for the American people.  They think that we are so stupid that they can fool us with some piddling trimming while they push full speed ahead with their regulatory onslaught.  As Wayne Crews of CEI shows in Ten Thousand Commandments: an Annual Snapshot of the Regulatory State, the Obama Administration has over 4000 new regulations in the pipeline.  The EPA is trying to raise energy prices for all Americans and destroy jobs by regulating greenhouse gas emissions.  And EPA is also targeting specific industries, such as coal, with job-killing regulations. 

What the Obama Administration is doing is like the thug who, while breaking your arms, kindly offers to take care of the hang nail that he spots.          

Across the States


A state judge this week ordered the University of Virginia to stop stonewalling on a Freedom of Information Request for emails from Michael Mann, the creator of the discredited \223Hockey Stick\224 reconstruction of historical global temperatures.

The American Traditions Institute filed the FOIA more than 4 months ago, but the University repeatedly delayed the release of the documents, in apparent violation of Virginia's FOIA law. On May 16, ATI initiated legal proceedings to force the University to comply with its statutory responsibilities. Only then did the University agree to produce all relevant documents by August 22, a commitment to which the University is bound by this week's ruling.

The parties still disagree on which documents are subject to the FOIA. University of Virginia president Theresa Sullivan has promised to fight to keep certain documents from ATI, in the interests of \223academic freedom.\224 Under the terms of yesterday's court order, ATI's counsel must have access to all documents, even the ones the University is trying to withhold, by September 21. The ultimate fate of these disputed documents likely will be adjudicated by the courts.

New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) yesterday announced that he would withdraw the Garden State from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a multi-state cap-and-trade scheme. After New Jersey leaves, the remaining nine participants will be: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

During the press conference yesterday, Governor Christie justified his decision to withdraw from RGGI based on the fact that the regional cap-and-trade scheme was an energy tax that had no impact on the global climate, which is true. A year ago, he was a climate skeptic, but yesterday he made a point of affirming his belief in the dangerous anthropogenic global warming.  

While it's well and good that Gov. Christie is withdrawing from RGGI, his overall energy agenda is awful, as is suggested by the title of yesterday's address,New Jersey's Future Is Green. The Governor is committed to wasting taxpayer money on expensive, unreliable green energy, and he also announced a moratorium on coal power. Read all about his energy policies here.