NHDP - Who was behind the special election 'show ID' sign?

Concord, NH - During a special election earlier this month, New Hampshire voters heading to the polls were greeted with a sign demanding that read "Per pending legislation you will be required to produce a photo ID in order to receive a ballot."  The only problem was that the Granite State has no law requiring voters to show an ID before casting their ballot. 


New video footage from a committee hearing that days shows Republican State Representative David Bates whispering to a fellow Republican, "Its working," immediately after hearing of the scam.David Bates is a member of the Republican Leadership team in the state House of Representatives and is the Chair of the House Election Law Committee.


Voters interviewed by a New Hampshire news outlet, The Lobby, on the day of the election, said that many voters saw the sign, turned around, and walked away without having cast a vote.


"Law abiding New Hampshire citizens' right to vote was infringed upon as a direct result of this heinous scam," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "There is a seriously problem when Speaker O'Brien's handpicked Election Law Committee Chair is celebrating New Hampshire citizens being denied the right to vote.  It raises serious questions about whether he and or other members of House Republican leadership were involved in the terrible scam."


"A scam to prevent people from voting just months before New Hampshire's first in the nation Presidential primary is a national embarrassment," continued Kirstein.   "Speaker O'Brien should call for an investigation into whether Rep. Bates was in any way involved in putting up these signs to stop people from voting."


A copy of the sign from the polling location on May 17th can be found here. The video of Rep. Bates can be found here.  And the text of the article on the video from, TheLonbyNH.com can be found below.



Who was behind the special election 'show ID' sign?

 Thursday, May 26, 2011



Was the attempt to intimidate voters in New Boston at last week's House special election some clerk's ill-fated idea or part of a larger initiative?


A sign in front of a New Boston school that served as a polling place told voters they needed to show ID "per pending legislation." The sign was up for hours before a state trooper took it down.


Well, Democratic group Granite State Progress thinks it is the latter. The group has been circulating a video of an House Finance Committee meeting the day of the election where the topic of conversation was the House-passed bill to require voters to show a photo ID before voting.


When one House GOP leader was asked about the sign by a committee member, he turned, smiled, and reportedly said, "It's working."


Some leading Republicans question if the sign had any impact at all.


After all, Temple Democrat Jennifer Daler swept the election.


But that's not what three voters from town told The Lobby during telephone interviews.


Charles Koch of New Boston said he saw some chagrined voters spot the sign and walk away.


"This is corruption. The attorney general should be investigating this. This was an obvious attempt to intimidate voters," he said.