Repeal of ‘failed’ program will free up money for businesses to create jobs and economic opportunity

CONCORD, N.H.―The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire urges New Hampshire Senators to follow the example of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who said this week that he would work to remove the Garden State from the 10-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

In his announcement, Gov. Christie called the initiative “a failure” that “is not effective in reducing greenhouse gases and is unlikely to be in the future.” He said the initiative was simply a tax scheme designed to “tax electricity, tax our citizens and tax our businesses.”

“If Democratic New Jersey can identify the failure, false hope and negative affect on businesses and job creation of the RGGI scheme, then it is incumbent on the New Hampshire Republican supermajority to answer the call of voters and eliminate this economically crippling initiative,” said Andrew Hemingway, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire. “Not only does this program fail to deliver on its promise to reduce any meaningful emissions, it has also destroyed jobs by overtaxing the region’s largest producers. Ending this initiative will help fuel the region’s economic engine and give voters the jobs they asked for in November.

“New Hampshire Sens. Jeb Bradley, Gary Lambert and other Republican lawmakers had discussed withdrawing from RGGI only if another state in the region did so first,” Hemingway continued. “Here we have one of the largest states involved in this failed scheme acknowledging how economically crippling it has been and expressing its intent to withdraw. If Republican Senators in New Hampshire truly want to promote jobs and economic opportunity like they said they would during the November election campaign, they will follow through on their promise and get New Hampshire out of this program.”