AUFC - Costumed Chicken To Greet Mitt Romney in Nashua TUESDAY, 8am

Costumed Chicken To Greet Mitt Romney in Nashua, Ask Former Governor: “Why Are You Too Chicken to Debate, Too Chicken to Take a Stand Against Big Oil Subsides, and Why Do You Support the GOP Plan to Abolish Medicare?”

Nashua, N.H. – A 6-foot tall chicken will greet Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as he makes a stop in Nashua at 8am on Tuesday to ask the Presidential hopeful why he is refusing to take part in the first 2012 GOP Primary Debate slated for South Carolina – a debate many in New Hampshire were hoping to hear where Romney stands on key issues, including:


·         Why won’t he take a stand against billions of dollars of wasteful subsidies for big oil companies and why did he hike the gas tax 500% as governor of Massachusetts?

·         What was he thinking when he said he’s  “on the same page”  with the House Republican budget plan authored by US Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) that seeks to dismantle Medicare/Medicaid and hike seniors’ out-of-pocket costs by $6,000 to pay for another tax break for millionaires and outsourcing corporations?

·         Why is Romney ashamed to talk about his key role in paving the way for the Affordable Care Act becoming the law of the land?

·         Where does Romney stand on House GOP threats to risk a second Great Recession by refusing to raise the debt ceiling?

·         Where does Romney stand on cutting guaranteed Social Security benefits for future retirees?


Who: Americans United for Change


When: Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 8:00 am


Where: Outside the Landmark Building at 142 Main Street in Nashua, New Hampshire