Prince Charles labeled Eco-Hypocrite as he arrives in the US to lecture on sustainability


Prince Charles has been labeled an eco-hypocrite as he travels to the US to speak about sustainability at Georgetown University in Washington DC on Tuesday.

Los Angeles, CA - PRINCE CHARLES HYPOCRITE is a short film which claims the heir to the British throne is a hypocrite because he thinks people should "live with less" to save the planet, but has made no change to his luxurious lifestyle.

McAleer and McElhinney, who are Irish, but based in the US, are releasing the short film to coincide with Prince Charles' visit this week to Washington DC where he will give a keynote speech at a conference on sustainable agriculture.

Their previous short films, Robert Redford Hypocrite and James Cameron Hypocrite have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

According to McAleer and McElhinney PRINCE CHARLES HYPOCRITE is not an attack on the Royal family or their wealth.

"The Royal family employs thousands and attracts millions of tourists to the UK and they are entitled to profit from that. Instead, the film points out that as a so-called environmentalist, Prince Charles, is hypocritical. He is coming to the US to lecture on sustainability and tells people they must live with less in order to save the planet, yet he lives a lavish, wasteful lifestyle." said McAleer.

"PRINCE CHARLES HYPOCRITE also shows how the Prince says we must end our "age of convenience". He wants to make our lives more inconvenient to save the planet from alleged climate change but the Prince refuses to make any changes in his own life."

The film points out how Prince Charles, with his wife and a staff of 14 flew more than 16,000 miles around south America to "warn about the dangers of climate change". Instead of a small private jet Prince Charles traveled on a giant Airbus (normal capacity 134 passengers) that was converted into a luxury private plane.

The film shows aerial footage of Clarence House and Highgrove, the enormous properties Prince Charles owns. This lifestyle is juxtaposed with his quotes about the necessity for everyone to limit their possessions.

"This is classic hypocrisy and needs to be exposed," said McElhinney.

"Prince Charles is coming here to the US to lecture students at a sustainability conference in Washington DC. It is very important that his lifestyle be measured against his pronouncements. There should be some accountability." she said.

Prince Charles will be speaking at Georgetown University in Washington DC on Tuesday.

McAleer and McElhinney are Irish filmmakers based in Los Angeles. They recently released Not Evil Just Wrong, a feature length documentary which took a skeptical look at Global Warming Hysteria. McAleer famously had his mic turned off (by his fellow journalists) when he dared ask Al Gore some inconvenient questions in Madison Wisconsin.