AULA's McConchie Testifies for Three "Common-Sense," Pro-Life Bills in Maine


AUGUSTA, MAINE (05-03-11) – Americans United for Life Action Vice President for Government Affairs Dan McConchie will testify today on behalf of three, pro-life bills under consideration. McConchie said the bills being discussed before the Maine Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary are “commonsense measures to protect women and children.”

“This legislation provides women and the parents of pregnant minors every opportunity to be knowledgeably informed about an abortion procedure before choosing whether to undergo one,” said McConchie. “These commonsense bills will ensure all women get more information about the risks of abortion and ensure a young girl’s parents are involved in the decision-making process. These are bills everyone, regardless of views on abortion, can get behind and support.”

A run down of the bills, all of which are based on AUL legal models:

Sponsored by Rep. Tyler Clark, LD116 would require a 24-Hour reflection period prior to an abortion to protect women who may feel pressured into the procedure. (Click here to read the full testimony.)   

Sponsored by Rep. Eleanor Espling, LD 924 would require that women be informed on the medical risks of the abortion procedure as well as require a 24-hour reflection period before an abortion. (Click here to read the full testimony.)  

Sponsored by Rep. Dale Crafts, LD 1457 would strengthen consent laws for abortions for girls under the care of their parents or guardians to protect them from sexual predators who might try and arrange an abortion without the protection parents. (Click here to read the testimony.)

To track the bills as they proceed, go to AUL’s legislative tracker here.