Sam Adams Alliance - Engaging Democracy: Activism & the Changing Face of Media w/ Omid Malekan


Omid 2 Oh my, it's Omid!


Sammies finalist and all around great American Omid Malekan continues to impress with his viral videos-and we at Engaging Democracy decided it's about time we learn more about the mind behind the mischief.


From his YouTube viral video "Quantitative Easing Explained" to his latest "Federal Reserve for Dummies," Omid takes complicated subjects and presents them in a way everyone-even our Vice President-can understand.


Listen to the Engaging Democracy podcast to find out how he chooses his videos, why he feels compelled to create, and his thoughts on changing the way Americans receive their information.


Also, be sure to tune in next week as we continue our conversations with Sammies alums - and start thinking what you'll do to get yourself to the 2012 Sammies next April!



Yvonne B. Ralsky

Executive Director