NHDP - Buckley: What are you doing this week?

Dear friend,


This week New Hampshire will welcome three Republican presidential candidates to our first in the nation state. But there is one candidate who isn't showing up.

Instead, Mitt Romney is hobnobbing with Wall Street financiers and hedge fund managers in New York City.[1] In fact, this private Wall Street fundraiser is the ONLY campaign event on Romney's schedule all week! 


Romney would rather raise money on Wall Street than take questions from Granite Staters. Period. And his love affair with Wall Street is nothing new. Mitt Romney actually said that Wall Street was not the reason for our economic meltdown.[2] Can you believe that?


This isn't the first time he's hiding from voters. Five GOP presidential hopefuls debated in South Carolina last week, but Romney didn't show up.[3]


What is Mitt Romney afraid of? Is it that we'll find out about his 500% gas tax hike next door? Or his record of laying off employees just to increase his own profits?


Click here to send Mitt Romney a message to ask him why he's hiding from New Hampshire voters.


Thanks for all you do, 

Ray Buckley
Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party


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