McAleer on Fox discussing battle with Gasland

Phelim McAleer is appearing on the Fox Business Network tonight, June 10th, to discuss his debunking of the Gasland documentary.

His interview with David Asman on Scoreboard will air at 9:00 pm EST and outline how McAleer's close questioning forced Gasland director Josh Fox to admit he withheld evidence that proved gas fracking was not polluting water.

McAleer will also expose Fox's attempts to censor the short film of their encounter.

John Nolte of Andrew Breitbart's BigHollywood described McAleer's questioning as "
quite possibly one of the greatest pieces bonafide journalism I've ever seen".

PHELIM MCALEER is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. He specializes in asking difficult questions of the mainstream environmental movement. He famously had his microphone turned off for asking Al Gore some inconvenient questions about his documentary. He was threatened by an armed guard at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen for asking an activist/scientist difficult questions about Climategate and he was assaulted on live television for taking a skeptical look at the conference,

He is the producer and director of Not Evil Just Wrong - a documentary which examines Global Warming.