NHGOP Chair Kimball asks, "Where do the candidates stand on NH Right to Work?"

CONCORD- Jack Kimball, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, today asked the Republican presidential candidates to tell New Hampshire voters where they stand on Right to Work in an interview with WMUR-TV’s Josh McElveen.

Kimball then released the following statement, “Right to Work is an important and current issue here in New Hampshire.  The voters need to know where all the Republican candidates stand.  Our citizens shouldn't be forced into paying union dues to a union they don't belong to.  It isn't right, it isn't fair, and it isn't American."

Kimball added, "The unions are extorting money from non-members, the unions are effectively the financial base of the Democrat Party, and this vicious circle has to stop.  We must pass this legislation and override Governor Lynch's veto.  The people want to know where these candidates stand, and if they're on the side of worker freedom, then they need to help us."

Kimball suggested to WMUR's Josh McElveen that this would be an excellent question for the candidates next Monday evening in the first New Hampshire Primary debate, hosted by WMUR, CNN, and the New Hampshire Union Leader.