CEI Weekly: Annual Dinner Is a Night to Remember


Feature: Wednesday night's CEI dinner featured a rousing speech by MEP Daniel Hannan; a touching tribute to Julian Simon Award recipient R.J. Smith; and an all-too-brief preview of this entertaining staff video, shown in full at the link above.


FEATURED STORY: Annual Dinner Is a Night to Remember


Wednesday night's CEI Dinner was a great success---thanks to our Master of Ceremonies Andrew Langer, our brilliant keynote speaker Daniel Hannan, and, of course, all of our guests. If you weren't able to attend (or if you did attend and want to relive the experience), check out the links below! Also, don't forget to watch The Dinner Video, shown above.


Slate: Capitalism and Freedom and Booze


Slate: Gary Johnson: Leave Weiner's Fate Up to the Voters


The Washington Times: CEI Pumps Free-Market Values at Annual Dinner


American Spectator: Hannan Brings Down the House at CEI Dinner





Nobody for Commerce Secretary

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Donut Day: A Time to Protest Nutrition Efforts?

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All the News That's Fit to Scrub

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What's Really to Blame for Air Traffic Control's Increasing Errors

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Needed: A Washing Machine That Washes

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Obama's Funny Auto Jobs Math

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Consumers Will Pay For Washington's War on Debit Cards

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Deregulation Now

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Let's Face the Truth: The Stimulus and the Bailouts Failed

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Commerce Nominee Appears to Endorse World Government in Video, Republicans Say

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Feds' Poker Ban Called Assault on Internet Freedom

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June 9, 2011: The Other Black Friday


The World Series of Poker is underway. The tournament is perfectly legal. And anyone over 18 can play poker in a casino. But it has been illegal to play the game online since April 15, now known to poker fans as Black Friday. Policy Analyst Michelle Minton goes over the controversy and explains why prohibition doesn’t work.