DNC - Monday's Republican debate


Monday's Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire isn't the first of the 2012 election, but it may be the first one that counts.

This time, they're bringing their varsity squad: Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty will be there, along with Herman Cain (polling second in Iowa), Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum.

And that can only mean one thing: In Monday's debate, these candidates will go all out to play up their extremist appeal by attacking President Obama.

We need to be ready to fight back.

So we'll be here all night Monday, fact-checking them when they go off the rails, showcasing smart comments from others keeping track, and providing you a place to follow along.

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On Monday, all of us have to be ready to push back against their misstatements and attacks on President Obama.

Because we all know how quickly a straight-up lie can become a widespread rumor among conservative activists -- and then become a story that the media just won't stop talking about.

We've seen it with the birther nonsense and false claims about the health care law. We've seen this President called a socialist and climate science attacked as a myth.

So on Monday, when a bunch of Republicans who want to be President will be talking to the country in prime time, who the heck knows what they'll feel compelled to say.

We'll be ready, and I hope you will be too. It'll take all of us to keep the record straight.

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