freekeenenews - Liberty on Tour's "Free State Friendship Tour" Comes to Keene!

Liberty On Tour - A project that couples on-the-road activism with new media to advance the voluntary society - will spend the next week in Keene as part of their Free State Friendship Tour.

Founded in 2010 by Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman, the crew grew to three with the recent addition of Beau Davis. Now traveling around the 'shire in MARV their RV (the Mobile Authority Resistance Vehicle) to cover activist meet-ups, agorist ventures and government abuse cases, giving exposure, through video productions, online blog entries and printed literature, to a side of freedom that mainstream media outlets neglect to cover.

Their current tour kicked-off in Greenfield, MA where the crew raised public awareness of their unjust arrests by the Greenfield Police Department last year (see: and has since made stops in the 'shire's the Upper Valley area, where they connected with many who advocate for a more off-the-grid life; Manchester, where they spearheaded a successful patrol of the police and were arrested the following day during a pro-police accountability rally; the Seacoast area, where many are living free; and now Keene followed by Lancaster - the site of the week long Porcupine Freedom Festival, where over 1,000 freedom-oriented individuals will gather.

This week's known activities consist of outreach, activism and civil society-building: "Don't Take the Plea" court outreach, behind-the- scenes coverage of Free Keene TV, man-on-the-street interviews, watching the watchmen, volunteering at the high school lock-in, and more.

The LOT crew is couched on the philosophy of Voluntaryism, in which all forms of human association should be voluntary as far as possible, so consequently voluntaryists oppose the initiation of aggressive force or coercion.

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