How will NH Debaters Deal with Creating a Stable Dollar?

Lewis E. Lehrman: How will New Hampshire debaters deal with the most important issue of our time–creating a stable dollar to protect the savings of working Americans?

Appearing on The Mike Church Show, Lehrman Institute Chairman Lewis E. Lehrman, and host Mike Church discuss how monetary policy and bringing America forward to the Gold Standard is the defining issue of the New Hampshire debates.

Manchester, NH — On The Mike Church Show last week, Lewis E. Lehrman stated; “The politicians who are now debating, namely Republican politicians, (are) proposing plans to solve the economic problems caused by the Obama administration. However, none of these Republican candidates has faced up to the issue of how they are going to deal with the most important economic issue of our times—monetary policy, the stability and instability of the dollar. How do we create a stable dollar? How do we go forward to a gold standard system which stabilizes the value of our currency (and) protects the savings of working people for generations as the American dollar did in the past?”

Lehrman continues; “There is not a single candidate who has yet taken on this issue. Some have gotten up to the edges… (however, we must) insist that these debaters up in New Hampshire present their solution to the monetary policy problem of our time and deal with this issue of why not the gold standard since every other technique of professional economists have been tried and failed. The exception is Ron Paul; all of the rest of (the candidates) have ignored the issue.”

The Gold Standard Now's founder and Chairman, Lewis E. Lehrman, has re-emerged in the national spotlight with his March 17th testimony before the House Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy. As a result, thousands of international newspapers, magazines, and online venues took note of Lehrman’s call for monetary reform in The Wall Street Journal’s April 26th editorial feature as an essential element to creating the conditions for federal spending restraint, including, Atlas Economic Research Institute’s Sound Money Project, India Times,,, and The Supply Side Blog.

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