NHGOP Chair Shines Global Spotlight on NH Right to Work


CONCORD- Last Friday, Jack Kimball, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, suggested to WMUR's Josh McElveen he should ask the Republican presidential candidates to tell New Hampshire voters where they stand on Right to Work

Last night at the first New Hampshire Primary debate, hosted by WMUR, CNN, and the Union Leader, the question that every voter in New Hampshire wanted to hear was asked.

Kimball said regarding the debate: 

“Right to Work is an important and current issue here in New Hampshire and I was pleased to see the question asked.  Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich let the NH voters know where they stand and now it's time for the other candidates to speak up about Right to Work.  The people want to know where these candidates stand, and if they're on the side of worker freedom, then they need to help us.  A huge national spotlight is now shining brightly on this problem."

Kimball said regarding Right to Work:

"It's not right for our citizens to be forced into paying union dues to a union they don't belong to.  It isn't fair, and it isn't American. A vicious circle exists where unions extort money from non-members, the unions are then effectively the financial base of the Democrat Party, and Democrat politicians turn around and give the unions special protections and favors.  We're going to break this cycle."    

Kimball said regarding Governor John Lynch:

"Governor Lynch has taken tens of thousands of campaign contributions from unions and union bosses.  He is a union-pocket politician with no credibility on this issue, and we cannot let him set the agenda.  We must pass this legislation and override his veto once and for all."

 Here's what's being said about Right to Work......

 Local Coverage
Union Leader’s Drew Cline via Twitter
NH Republican crowd gives TPaw big applause on pro-right-to-work answer, as RTW bill waiting for enough votes in GOP NH House.#fitn
Voters watching the debate at the Rochester Opera House used dials to record their approval or disapproval of what the candidates were saying.  Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty saw his approval shoot up when he addressed controversial right-to-work proposals.
-Fosters Daily Democrat
When it came to the issue of Right to Work, a law that blocks unions from receiving dues from non-union employees and which has been under debate in New Hampshire, the presidential hopefuls were divided.
Gingrich said he supports Right to Work, but it should be decided on a state level. Pawlenty said in the United States, no one should be forced to be a part of any organization, and Cain supported states having Right to Work legislation.
-Concord Monitor
Several of the candidates were asked to weigh in on the right-to-work legislation vetoed recently by Gov. John Lynch. Pawlenty responded that people should not be forced to join any group, while Gingrich and Cain said they hoped New Hampshire adopts the right-to-work law, which would bar unions from charging fees to nonmembers.

National Coverage
-National Journal
In response to a question about right-to-work laws and unions, Pawlenty answered: “People shouldn’t be forced to be in a member of any party,” adding as the audience applauded, “I support strongly right-to-work legislation.”
-ABC’s The Note
 - Support of right to work laws questioned; Pawlenty says he used to be in a union.
Pawlenty says the government shouldn't be able to tell anyone to join any group, including unions. Adds that he's a former union member and his dad was a Teamster.

Gingrich wants to de-fund the NLRB and points to Boeing and South Carolina.

-Erick Erickson, Red State -His defense (Pawlenty) of “right to work” was stellar

World Coverage
-Daily Mail
Tim Pawlenty: When asked if he would support a federal right-to-work union law, he said: 'I support strongly right to work legislation.'