American Principles Project - USA Today on Iowa Bus Tour

Dear Monetary Policy Observer,

Below is an excerpt of an article by USA Today covering our joint bus tour with the Iowa Tea Party, which among other issues will attempt to bring a renewed focus to monetary reform and the gold standard.  The article also looks at the scheduled appearances of Presidential candidates such as  Rep Michele Bachman and Rick Santorum over the course of the bus tour, as well as accompanying efforts to shore up support for gold backed currency in the state. 

We hope you find this material of interest.


Iowa GOP bus tour revives debate over gold standard

By Jackie Kucinich, USA TODAY

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Republican presidential contenders who plan to appear at the Iowa Tea Party's multicity bus tour during the next three weeks will find themselves pressed on an issue few have considered before they announced their nomination bids: How do they feel about the gold standard?

The tour, sponsored by the Iowa Tea Party and American Principles in Action, lists the return to the gold standard as a top issue that will be discussed during the 18-day sweep through the state with the first presidential contest.

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, businessman Herman Cain, former House speaker Newt Gingrich, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson and former senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania are scheduled to appear along the route that will end July 2 with a rally in Des Moines.

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