McCOTTER on ROMNEY's 'Let Detroit Go Bankrupt' mantra

McCotter on ABC News “Top Line” re New Hampshire Debate & the Auto Industry


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“I’ve taken issue with several of his (Romney’s) positions, including his support for the Wall Street Bailout, for climate change, and obviously for ‘Romneycare’ in Massachusetts, but I also point out that, as he said, somehow he seems to think that the government’s actions regarding Detroit have now somehow backed up his policy of ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.’… In the end, when you look at what happened after the failure of the original bill to utilize green energy loans to the auto companies, to remove the red tape to allow them to continue to operate, what you have is a situation where $700 billion in Wall Street Bailout money was parked in that sector, on Wall Street, and you could either break some of it off to keep jobs on Main Street, or leave it all there and watch working people go bankrupt.”