NH GOP - Lynch Vetoes Stunning Display of Uber-Hypocrisy


CONCORD- In a stunning display of uber-hypocrisy, Governor Lynch struck down four bills brought forth by the House and Senate yesterday.  The vetoed bills are Parental notification-HB329Pension reform SB 3Rail bill HB 218 and Fire sprinkler mandate-HB109.
NHGOP Communications Director, Christine Baratta said,   “It’s no surprise that Governor Lynch has vetoed these common sense bills while stringing along House leaders feigning cooperation particularly regarding the parental notification bill.  This only continues to highlight his ongoing pattern of an anti-business, anti-taxpayer agenda along with his frequent position changes on issues including the LLC income tax on small businesses, the campground tax, the gambling winnings tax, and now Northern Pass. Governor Lynch points his finger whichever way the political wind is blowing to protect union bosses, political cronies and special interests while showing his blatant disregard for the people of New Hampshire who rejected the Democrats radical agenda last November by electing Republicans who would clean up the mess in Concord.”