NH Religious News June 16, 2011

A Faith-Based Discussion Guide on the NH Hampshire Budget 
Are you looking for a way to discuss the NH State Budget with your faith community?

 "NH Faith & Facts" is now available as a printable pdf.  This discussion guide can be used by communities of faith to discuss the moral implications of state and federal budgets and what churches can do to protect the poor and vulnerable. 


In addition to this discussion guide, NH CARES has produced a video called  "New Hampshire Can Do Better"  which you can access by clicking on the links below.

Printed copies available upon request to info@nhchurches.org or you can call us at 603-224-1352 and we will be happy to mail copies to you.

Budgets and Moral Values Section Added to NH Council of Churches Webpage  

Whatever resources you need regarding the state and federal budgets are available to you with a click of the mouse.  Click here to view our Budgets and Moral Values section of the NH Council of Churches website.  You can also find a link to it on our main page www.nhchurches.org on the right hand panel along with links to public policy alerts and updates.   

NH 2011 - What Can You Do to Ensure The Vulnerable Are a Priority?


Please Host

State Budgets & Values:

Teaching & Preaching the Message of Micah 6 & Mt. 25

June onward


Part I:   The NH State Budget Process & Proposals


Part II:  Budgets as Moral Documents - Biblical and theological roots


Part III:  Resources for Pastoral Action Teaching, Preaching and acting upon our religious convictions


This workshop helps religious & lay leaders:

  • Learn the budget process and potential human damage of significant cuts
  • Look at budgets as moral documents in the biblical and theological lenses of faith
  • Join with other clergy and lay religious leaders in teaching, preaching & advocating for the state's poor and vulnerable
  • Inspire civil dialogue

Host a workshop in your area! NHCC will supply hosts with materials and speakers; hosts supply a location and a group.


For more info, contact:  NHCC Public Policy Associate Laurel Redden at Laurel@nhchurches.org or 425-3855.


****The House & Senate State Budget vote will happen by June 30.

NHCC to Launch Faithful Accountability Project. 


What will happen in NH communities as a result of deep state budget cuts to take effect July 1?
Is your church really equipped to take up the slack of extreme cuts to government programs and services for the poor and vulnerable?
The NH Council of Churches wants to understand, quantify, and communicate to legislators the human impact of budget cuts made in the name of efficiency and living within our means by January 2012.
The Faithful Budget Accountability Project begins July 1 - a simple, monthly electronic data collection of religious human service information and stories.
We need the strong participation of churches and social ministry networks statewide to document budget consequences felt locally. Please participate in this important project!


For more information please click here. 

Prayer Vigil for a Humane Budget


From Rev. Mary Westfall  Member of the Interfaith Voices for a Humane Budget:


"Spent Monday morning (June 13) vigiling outside the Committee of Conference . . .talked with several agency people who were quite despairing over the process and the cuts they would have to endure. A number of people expressed gratitude for the on-going faith presence. Despite the outcomes, I do think it has buoyed some folks to know they are not alone in the struggle. I do hope others are able to be present this week as final decisions on the budget are made" 


Please join the Interfaith Voices group in this important witness and prayerful presence outside Committee of Conference in the State House.   Vigils will be held throughout the month of June whenever our state leaders meets regarding the state budget.   For more information and times when vigils are taking place: 


1.  Check the vigil calendar by clicking this link.

2.   Join their Facebook group, by searching on Facebook for "Interfaith Voices for a Humane Budget." 

3.   Email Interfaith Voices at interfaithvoices@gmail.com.

Worshiping Together--Crafting Creative Community Liturgies - Save the Date 


People of faith from different traditions often gather together for common worship events. These can include joint Good Friday and Thanksgiving services, Martin Luther King Day and Holocaust Remembrance Day, as well as timely responses to crises and disasters like 9/11.


How can we create community worship services that draw from the deep wells of our diverse heritages? How can symbols, gesture, and movement combine to enrich our communal lives together and open both participants and the wider world to transformation? How do we best work together? What resources are available?


Join us for a day-long workshop in which we'll look at ecumenical and interfaith worship both theologically and practically, guided by the Rev. Dr. Christopher Duraisingh, a noted theologian on mission and the church as well as a charismatic teacher and creative liturgist.


Worshiping Together--Crafting Creative Community Liturgies

November 4th, 2011, Time: 10-3 with coffee at 9:30 am

Concordia Lutheran Church

211 North Main St.

Concord, NH  03301


Presenter: The Rev. Dr. Christopher Duraisingh

An eminent theologian and a priest in the Church of South India, the Rev. Dr. Duraisingh was the Charles Otis Professor of Practical Theology at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For many years he served the World Council of Churches in Geneva as the Director of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism and the Executive Secretary for Gospel and Cultures. He is a major advocate for rethinking Christian faith and witness in dialogue with peoples of other faiths and cultures and in commitment to the "excluded." His current focus is the transformative reconstruction of the symbols of the Christian faith, including developing effective liturgies in a variety of contexts.

Rev. Beth Richeson to Speak at the ABC/VNH Annual Gathering 

Rev. Beth Richeson, Chaplain at the NH State Women's Prison in Goffstown, NH, a ministry of the NH Council of Churches will be presenting a workshop "Keeping the Fire Burning while Serving Christ in a Women's Prison" at the ABC/VNH Annual Gathering which will be held on Friday, June 17th at Kimball Union Academy, in Meriden, NH.  


Jesus teaches what it is to exhibit the Kingdom of God~ "...I was in prison and you visited me." (Matthew 25:36)   This lies at the heart of the Women's Prison Ministry/Ecumenical Chaplaincy program through the NH Council of Churches.  It is a ministry that seeks to serve Jesus Christ in nurturing the women's spiritual lives and caring for the women in "loving them like Jesus."  This workshop will address who women in prison are; aspects of the chaplaincy work; and how individuals and congregations can be a part of the Women's Prison Ministry in NH.  


Rev. Beth Richeson's workshop will be held from 3:45-4:45 pm, on June 17th at the annual gathering.  For registration information click here.

Funding Available for Military Youth Projects 
Would you like to find ways to support military children in New Hampshire? If so, consider applying for "partner project" funding sponsored by the NH Operation: Military Kids program (OMK).
Organizations such as Scout groups, Boys and Girls clubs, after-school programs, YMCA/YWCA, school groups, military organizations, 4-H Clubs, County Extension offices, spiritual community groups and others can access up to $400 in funds.
Read more about it here.  

June is Torture Awareness Month  


Last week, the National Religious Coalition Against Torture (NRCAT) kicked off Torture Awareness Month with a very successful coalition event in Washington, DC. Meanwhile, NRCAT's partners and supporters across the country have launched a variety of initiatives, from tabling at a farmer's market to screening NRCAT's new DVD to organizing a dramatic reading of torture memos and survivor testimonies.

You and your congregation can join them in taking action during June: Please help us encourage the Senate Intelligence Committee to make the results of their investigation into CIA interrogation practices public. The report on their nearly 3-year investigation is expected to be completed in the next few months and could provide the most extensive review so far of the U.S. torture program. Please encourage members of your faith community to sign a petition or postcard asking the Intelligence Committee to produce a public version of the report on their investigation.


For more information you can visit the NRCAT Website at www.nrcat.org.

Save the Date Sept 26 - 27 for the 2011 Northeast Family Strengthening Conference 

On behalf of ACF Regions I, II, and III, the Virginia Department of Social Services and their partners, they are very pleased to invite you to the 2011 Northeast Family Strengthening Conference to be held in Richmond, VA on September 26 and 27, 2011.  The theme this year is "Fit For The Future: Asset-building Strategies and Solutions for Families and Communities".  See a fuller description of the conference below.


More information about the conference, the hotel, and registration will be available at the following website beginning June 1, 2011: http://www.metcouncil.org/2011northeastfamilyconference


Flood Buckets Needed
The Lutheran Disaster Response team with their partner Church World Service is requesting materials to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after the floods in these past months all over the United States.  Please click here for more information on how your faith community can help out. 
Video Contest Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 
As an American, how do you think our nation, it leaders and citizens can promote alternatives to terrorism, violence and war?   September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows' Say Your Peace Video Contest is your chance to share your ideas for supporting the U.S. Constitution and creating a more peaceful world for everyone. Winners in three age categories will each receive a cash prize of $1,000.

For more information you can click here or you can download the application or read the contest guidelines, eligibility requirements for how to enter the contest by visiting: www.PeacefulTomorrows-SayYourPeace.org.
Operation: Military Kids is Offering a Family Camp on Lake Winnipesaukee  


Military Family Camp...

An overnight weekend camp where military families can spend

some quality time together and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities

including hiking, canoeing, campfires and much more!


6:00 PM Friday August 19


Noon Sunday August 21

Geneva Point Conference Center

Moultonborough, NH



For directions:  http://www.genevapoint.org/directions.html

For more information and click here.

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