NRSC - Sometimes the Truth Hurts

Sometimes the truth hurts. Unemployment just hit 9.1% while the national debt has soared over the $14 trillion mark. We learned just this week that America’s home values are still falling at a time when nearly one of every five homeowners already owe more than the actual value of their home. 

The Democrats have to face the truth and leave their state of denial behind. Liberals' failed policies of big government and even bigger wasteful spending have us following in Greece's footsteps down the path to financial ruin.

If you believe we can’t spend our way out of debt, then click here and sign with me in favor of the Balanced Budget Amendment.

America's serious economic problems are going to require serious solutions and well-founded, concrete plans in order to move forward. Who should we look to for a solution?

Not the Democrats, as they have failed to produce a plan in over 777 days. They are haphazardly playing the waiting game with our money and risking our future. We need a budget - a fiscally responsible budget.


Democrat's lack of urgency is disturbing, especially after seeing the most recent economic statistics. The problem - one that Democrats don't understand - is that statistics aren't just numbers - they represent real American families struggling to make ends meet.

Almost 14 million Americans are looking for jobs and cannot find them. Americans are suffering, everyday more sacrifices are being made, and more families are falling below the poverty line. Does anyone still believe in the Democats' tax and spend, fiscally liberal policies?

Click here to sign with our 47 Republican Senators in Calling for A Balanced Budget Amendment

Democrats control the White House and the Senate. They use the bully pulpit to criticize the Republican plan from the sidelines will pretending they're concerned about jobs, but offer no plan of their own.

Republicans are serious about fixing our economic problems. We have offered multiple concrete proposals in a budget that creates jobs and encourages economic growthI hope you will support our efforts to pass this critical legislation by joining over 18,000 of your fellow citizens in helping us reach our target of 25,000 petition signatures, demanding a balanced budget.


Senator John Cornyn
Chairman, NRSC

P.S. - Winning just 4 more seats will mean the difference between repealing Obamacare, passing a Balanced Budget Amendment, and putting the reins on out of control government spending. Donate just $4 and we can take back the Senate in 2012.