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Boston Globe
N.H. closing in on a repeal of union dues rule
June 18, 2011

CONCORD- In a Boston Globe article this weekend, Jack Kimball, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party continued to make the case for the passage of Right-to-Work legislation and the need to break the vicious cycle of union bosses extorting money from non-members to fund Democrat candidates.  

“If we become a right-to-work state, you would have a lot more business moving here,’’ said New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jack Kimball, who has challenged GOP presidential candidates to take a stance on right-to-work. “If you’re about being pro-business, it is an issue you should be behind.’’

More support of Right-to-Work:

“With unemployment at high levels, right-to-work is protection for workers, to make sure they’re not forced to pay dues or fees to a union to get or to keep a job.’’   
-Patrick Semmens, a spokesman for the National Right to Work Committee

If New Hampshire passes right-to-work, “the economy gets supercharged. Young workers stop leaving New Hampshire.’’  
-John Kalb, executive director of New England Citizens for Right to Work

The story also cites statistics from The National Institute for Labor Relations Research, which supports Right-to-Work laws. 
“Right-to-work states have had higher levels of growth during the past decade on average than states without such laws. Other studies have found that states with right-to-work laws have gained population at the expense of states without such laws.”

GOP Presidential Candidates on Right-to-Work
“The issue jumped onto the national stage during the Republican presidential debate on Monday in New Hampshire.
The government has no business telling you what group to be a member of or not,’’ said Tim Pawlenty, a former Minnesota governor, when asked whether he supports a federal right-to-work law.  Among the other GOP presidential candidates, Newt Gingrich, a former House speaker; Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor; Rick Santorum, a former senator from Pennsylvania; Representative Ron Paul of Texas, businessman Herman Cain, and Jon Huntsman, a former governor of Utah, all support right-to-work legislation.”