Andy Martin for President - Anti-Northern Pass TV ad set to start running on WMUR-TV

Dear Friends and Fellow

Opponents of the Northern Pass:

I hope this letter/progress report will do three things. First, I am excited to tell you about our new anti-Northern Pass TV advertising that will start airing this week (look for the spots on WMUR-TV). Second, I want to give you an overview of my efforts to oppose Northern Pass. Finally, I would like to alert you to our planned availability during the week of July 9-16 in case you want to schedule meetings, events, etc. with me during that week.

1. TV ads

If you’ve read my campaign bio you know I have over forty (40) years of radio and TV experience in every aspect of broadcasting and communications. So I am always focused on the core question: how do we get the message out?

My campaign team has produced the first anti-Northern Pass TV ad. The message is going to start airing this week. I hope you will like the ad. It reflects my New Hampshire heritage and my love for the state. (There are actually two new New Hampshire spots, one opposing Northern Pass, and they will be alternating week-by-week). We have enough money to run the anti-Northern ads through July. Beyond that we will need local support so please keep that in mind. Please send us your feedback on the ad.

2. My role in the Northern Pass controversy

I’m here to help you stop Northern Pass. But perhaps repeating some basics would be helpful.

First, as an independent Republican candidate in the 2012 presidential primary I am trying to get votes to win the primary. If I should score a surprise upset, Northern Pass would be dead. I am a conservative, but not an extreme conservative. My conservative values flow from New Hampshire’s streams and forests, not efforts to dilute or destroy or deny environmental protection. So yes, I am a candidate running in a partisan primary. (Note: Independents can vote in the Republican primary; Democrats might want to consider changing their registration to support an anti-Northern pass independent Republican since there is no primary on the Democratic side.)

Second, some of you are acting as individuals or belong to private organizations you have formed to oppose Northern Pass. You can do pretty much what you want to support (or not support) my efforts on your behalf.

Third, some of you belong to or represent groups which are tax exempt and cannot be involved with political candidates. Here, there are limits in what you can do or say, since we want to obey the law. But even under the restricted rights of a tax-exempt organization you can still inform your members what candidates are doing or saying about matters of environmental concern.

Fourth, I have petitioned the Department of Energy to be designated as party in opposition to the Northern Pass proposal.

Finally, I will be trying some new measures to try and promote opposition to the current proposal.

In all of these areas I am here to serve you and to work with you. I filed my first environmental protection (NEPA) lawsuit forty years ago, so I have a lot of experience in battling power companies and “public” utilities that want to despoil our environment.

3. My availability July 9-16

Unlike Newt Gingrich, who went off to the Greek Islands for a cruise, I’m planning my summer “staycation” in New Hampshire July 9-16. I’ll have to settle for a Greek Salad. July 9th-16th has not yet been scheduled and is available to any of you that want to meet, sponsor a discussion, or already have a planned event you would like me to attend. Please let me know if you would like to get together any time during July 9-16 and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.


Unlike most presidential candidates who are cloistered behind hordes of handlers, I actually read my own email and respond on the phone. Feel free to reach out and get in touch. I’ll do what I can to help save New Hampshire’s environment and quality of life.


Andy Martin


Attached file: Northern Pass TV commercial