Webinar: What is your business really worth?

Finding the Exit

What is your business really worth?

Business owners and finance executives are often too focused on building their companies to ask this question. But it's important to know the true value of your company as it grows – and if you ever plan to sell it.

Register today for this free webinar, and learn:

  • How to determine your company's value, and realize potential hidden value

  • Strategies for improving cash flow to increase the value of your business

  • 4 things you must do to ensure a sale

Register for the webinar and learn how to determine your company's value.

Register for the webinar , learn how to determine the saleability of a business and how to recoup some or all of your unrealized business value.

Date:Thursday, June 23

Time:2pm ET/11am PT

Speaker:David C. Kirkup
Partner, B2B CFO ®

David is a Partner with B2B CFO ® - the nation's largest CFO services company. He has over 28 years of business experience and is a proven financial management expert.