AFP - The Left is on the run after RightOnline

Last weekend over 1,600 fired up activists from across the country joined us in Minneapolis for our fourth annual RightOnline conference. Speeches from Andrew Breitbart, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty, and Michelle Malkin brought down the house.

Click here to see video and pictures from RightOnline

For the fourth straight year we took on the radical left-wing conference, Netroots Nation, at the same time and place.

The mood at each conference couldn’t be any different.

At Netroots Nation the radical left had no defense for their big government agenda that is responsible for our nation’s growing unemployment. At RightOnline we had fired up grassroots conservatives who have the American public on their side. 

Even The New York Times – yes, The New York Times – reported on this contrast:

"judging by the fervor for one’s favorites and animosity toward the opposition, the passion of bloggers seemed to have swung toward conservatives."

Along with over 1,600 activists in Minneapolis, we had over 12,000 others follow our live video stream from home. Click here to see video from the live stream.

The Left is on the run with no response to our growing movement. Netroots Nation is already buying out multiple hotels in Providence, Rhode Island, the location of their 2012 conference.  Their organizer recently said “we just prefer to have [RightOnline] at arm's length."

RightOnline proved what we already know -- the momentum is our side. The American people support cutting spending, less government, and more freedom. The Left can no longer defend their big government agenda.

It’s clear we’re winning. Let’s keep up the fight.


Tim Phillips

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