Hear the Hurdy Gurdy at Prescott Park

Le Vent du Nord Wednesday Night!

Canada's TOP traditional band




We love our River House Restaurant Concert Series for a world of reasons.


One of them is that, alongside such popular acts like Jonathan Edwards, Shawn Colvin, and Taj Mahal, you'll find what we like to call "discovery acts".


We have several of these exciting acts, and one takes stage tomorrow (Wednesday, 7pm).


Want to add a new favorite act to your list? Come out and enjoy Canada's best traditional act, Le Vent du Nord


Trust us on this one, you won't regret it.


These guys have won Canada's top music award (JUNO) for Album of the Year with their original repertoire that is both fresh and bound to tradition.


Known for getting their crowds dancing to the sound of fiddle and hurdy-gurdy (yes, you read correctly. It's a type of wheel fiddle), they have a stage presence that is energetic, dynamic, and generous.


Le Vent du Nord consists of four singers and multi-instrumentalists who mix gutsy original songs and tunes with magnificent vocal harmonies and sophisticated musical arrangements.


Their intense, high-quality performances make sparks fly, whether you understand French or not.


Come on out and discover your new favorite act.


Click to learn more about this concert and the series.


See you there! 


Ben Sig

Ben Anderson

Executive Director
Prescott Park Arts Festival