CEI Weekly: CEI FOIA Request Reveals Relationship Between Treasury Department and GM

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Friday, May 3, 2011


Feature: Auto bailout documents that CEI requested a year ago were finally released last week. 

FEATURED STORY: CEI FOIA Request Reveals Relationship Between Treasury Department and GM


In its now-infamous 2010 ad campaign, General Motors misleadingly claimed it had repaid all of its government loans. After the ads aired, CEI filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Treasury Department for documents pertaining to the ads. The Treasury stalled for nearly a year; but finally, last week, they released documents that demonstrate a close, coordinated partnership between GM and the Treasury on PR strategy. Read CEI's statement on the released documents here.






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May 31, 2011: FDA Rescinds Approval of Breast Cancer Drug


Senior Fellow Greg Conko breaks down the fight over Avastin, a drug used to treat several types of cancer. The FDA is poised to rescind Avastin’s approval for treating breast cancer. It will retain its approval for other cancers. This will make life difficult, and possibly shorter, for some breast cancer patients. Conko believes this battle boils down to one question: who decides which treatments patients can use? Will it be the FDA, or doctors and patients?