NHDP - Ray Buckley Statement of NH Dems on Romney Announcement

Concord, NH - In response to Mitt Romney's official announcement that he is running for president, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement:

"Since Mitt Romney bowed out of the Republican Primary in 2008, he and his handlers have been meticulously planning today's announcement - banking on a 2012 New Hampshire primary victory to slingshot him to the nomination. However, the problem for Mitt Romney is that the reason Granite Staters rejected him three years ago remains the same today: they believe he is a wishy-washy, flip-flopping politician who will say anything or take any position to suit his own immediate political needs.   

"Their fears are well founded. The list of Mitt Romney waffles continues to grow by the day. He has flip-flopped on the individual mandate, TARP, the Recovery Act and on cap and trade. And most recently, he attempted to take credit for saving the auto industry after he proposed letting it go bankrupt. It's unclear whether even Mitt Romney knows where Mitt Romney stands on the issues.


"Now, in yet another effort to reinvent himself, Mitt Romney is claiming to be the candidate in the race who is best prepared to deal with the economy and create jobs. He should try telling that to the people whose jobs he slashed as a profit-seeking corporate raider or the people of Massachusetts where, when he was governor, the Bay State ranked 47th of 50 states in job creation.

"Voters are tired of politicians who constantly try to reinvent themselves and their records or who flip-flop on the issues for their own political gain. Mitt Romney suffers from both of these self-induced political maladies - diseases which felled him before and likely will again."