Does your representative get an A+ from AFPF-NH?

Before the legislative session ends and we all pause to celebrate July 4th, I wanted to provide you with some new information and activities from AFP-NH.

First, this week marks the end of an extremely productive and expensive legislative session. As those of you who receive these weekly updates are aware, AFP-NH has been very active in Concord this year making sure that your voice is heard on a wide variety of issues. Below is a list of a few of the pieces of legislation that AFP-NH has weighed in on this year by testifying at hearings, meeting directly with legislators, producing and running radio ads and arranging advocacy telephone and email campaigns.

  • SB 2, Tax Caps for Cities and Towns

  • SB 3, Pension Reform

  • SB 125, Clarifying “Reasonable Compensation” for Business Taxes

  • SB 146, Requiring Reduced Spending Budgets

  • SB 154, Shoreland Protection Act with RGGI Repeal

  • HB 474, Right to Work

  • HB 519, Original RGGI Repeal

  • HB 648, Eminent Domain

  • CACR 6, Requiring a Supermajority for Tax Increases

Of course, none of these activities come without cost. That is why I am asking for your financial support to ensure that AFP-NH can continue these important efforts in Concord throughout the summer. Please click here to donate to AFP-NH today!

Secondly, as you may have read, Tom Thomson, Honorary Chairman of AFP-NH, has released a presidential pledge that he will be asking the presidential candidates to sign in the coming months. Titled “My Pledge to the American People,” this pledge represents Tom’s continuation of the legacy begun by his father, Governor Meldrim Thomson, Jr., who was the author of the New Hampshire Pledge. As we all know, Tom is not just a man of words, but of action. We are proud to have him serve as Honorary Chairman of AFP-NH and look forward to seeing the positive reaction across the state to his pledge. You can read more about Tom’s pledge here.

Third, as the legislative session in Concord ends, AFP Foundation NH will soon be releasing its first-ever Legislative Score Card. In last November’s election the voters of New Hampshire sent a message to the legislators that residents want smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation. This score card will enable you to see how successful your elected officials have been at responding to that message.  

While the session remains unfinished due to possible votes to override Governor Lynch’s vetoes of pieces of legislation like the Right-to-Work bill, AFP Foundation NH is pleased to announce that we have preliminarily identified three members of the Senate and more than 125 members of the House who, if the session were to end today, would receive an A+ rating for their votes on legislation securing and advancing economic prosperity.

As additional votes occur, we will continue to update the score card and look forward to releasing it in its entirety later this summer.

Finally, to the left you will find an updated version of our Granite State Gatherings section. As you will see, there is no shortage of great events for you and your family to participate in this summer.  

As always, I appreciate your time and continuing efforts.


Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire