[freekeenenews] Activist Jailed Indefinitely for Not Filling out a Form

Liberty activist Jim Johnson was fined after being found guilty at a trial several weeks ago. Jim never paid the fine, so the court bureaucrats demanded he show up at a hearing about that. He was told he needs to fill out a financial affidavit so the court bureaucrats could determine if he could pay the fine, or else he’d be charged with contempt. Jim did not fill out the form and was jailed indefinitely.

In addition, court security officers Tebo and Fredriksen attempted and failed at intimidating the audience into standing for the robed man. Tebo also attempted to order me around, violating my right to cover a public hearing as a member of the press. In addition, Tebo actually assaulted me and grabbed me by the arm in an attempt to remove me from the courtroom. He and his security continued to threaten the crowd with arrest. All of this is on video: