NHDP -NH Dems to Rep. Bass: "Seriously?"

After Months of Doing Nothing on Job Creation, Bass Announces Reelection Campaign


NH Dems Say "Seriously?"

Concord, NH - Today, after not putting forth a single piece of legislation to address Granite Staters' number one issue, job creation, Bass announced his reelection campaign.

"Seriously?" said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "New Hampshire families are overwhelmingly worried about one thing, and that's job creation. That Congressman Bass would go to Congress, not do anything on this most important issue and then ask to be reelected is just baffling."
During his inauguration, Bass pledged to his constituents "There are numerous opportunities ahead for us in the 112th Congress, however, and I am excited to help move our country forward by focusing on improving our economy, creating jobs, and controlling spending." [Bass statement, 1/5/2011]

But Rep. Bass has not introduced a single piece of legislation related to job creation.
"The fact is Bass hasn't delivered for New Hampshire, and instead of working to create jobs, he has been busy supporting the GOP scheme to end Medicare as we know it," said Buckley.

A Boston Globe New Hampshire poll earlier this month found that the economy is the number one issue for voters and that Granite Staters believe unemployment is the most important economic issue facing the country.