- Exposed: Your Tax Dollars Funding Anti-American Schools


This is what Americans are asking themselves after a student riot in Tucson, AZ revealed a shocking, nationwide program to teach resentment and even hatred for America to children . At a time when most schools are struggling to teach students the basics, why is "La Raza" receiving MILLIONS of dollars from the Federal government, to teach Hispanic students lies about American history?

Tucson Student Takeover

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Americans were shocked and outraged when students took over a Tucson School Board meeting in April, shackling themselves to chairs and tables, screaming about "racist America", and demanding that Administrators not touch their "Ethnic Studies" curriculum. The website broke the story of this incident on April 28th.

The students were from "Aztlan Academy", a school funded by "La Raza" in which the Hispanic students are taught that American laws and culture are racist, and that the American Southwest was stolen from Mexico, and must one day be "reconquered" by Hispanics. The anti-American curriculum was detailed in a shocking report by the AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The National Council of La Raza - literally "The Race" - supports racially-divisive charter schools in nearly half the states of our nation. These schools utilize the "Raza Studies" curriculum that turns American history upside down, denounces beloved U.S. historical figures as racist criminal "invaders", and promotes the "Reconquista" or future re-conquering of the American Southwest back to Mexico.

That these schools even exist are a national disgrace. But the real scandal is YOU PAY FOR THEM. La Raza receives more than $5 million per year in government funding to spread hate and division to hundeds of thousands of students.

THIS MUST END. Defund La Raza is launching a major advertising and social media effort to expose La Raza to the vast majority of Americans who do not know their own taxes fund this radical group against their own interests and values.


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Behind "The Race"

There are many immigrant groups joined in the overall "La Raza" movement. The most prominent and mainstream organization is the National Council de La Raza -- the Council of "The Race". Most politicians and reporters see La Raza as no different from a "Latino" version of the Rotary Club. But there is no comparison. La Raza abuses its non-profit status to push a racially-divisive agenda that includes opposition to nearly ANY enforcement or restrictions against illegal aliens - frequently calling opponents "racists" for not kowtowing to their positions.

Advised Mexican Government on Lobbying Congress to Pass Amnesty

Similarly states, from Arizona to Georgia have been vilified as racist for merely trying to control the massive numbers of illegal immigrants undercutting American workers and increasing crime and welfare-use rates. This despite the fact that large majorities of Americans support such measures. La Raza even advised the Mexican government on how to lobby for illegal alien amnesty!

Yet - using this Hispanic race-card - "the Race" more often than not gets their way. Nowhere more evident than the millions it receives every year in government grants. In just the past three years alone, La Raza received nearly $12 million of Federal grants. Of this total nearly $1 million per year is used for "lobbying". In other words, YOUR government pays La Raza to lobby YOUR government to increase its grant money, nearly always in support of an agenda YOU oppose. Is this what you support?

Please help us run our ad to cut off this bigoted organization's taxpayer lifeline, and stop their manipulation of our political process.

"Viva La Raza!"

Students at Aztlan Academy in Tucson, AZ learned that California, Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas are really "Aztlan", the ancient homeland of the Aztecs, and still rightfully belong to their descendants, people of indigenous Mexican heritage, according to a teacher who blew the whistle on the previously unknown curriculum. Students were told that few Mexicans took advanced high school courses because their “white teachers” didn’t believe they were capable and wanted to prevent them from getting ahead.

These schools that teach racial separation and anti-American propaganda are supported by YOUR TAX DOLLARS via grants to La Raza. The curriculum engenders racial division, demeans America’s civil institutions, undermines public servants, discounted any virtues in western civilization and teaches disdain for American sovereignty. The United States itself is the enemy - a racist occupier of "Mexican land". And Mexican and racial superiority is encouraged.

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What We Are Doing

Despite the distortion of American values and opposition to the rule of law by La Raza, few Americans know about this outrageous misuse of their tax dollars, because the biased media refuses to cover it, and politicians are too intimidated to oppose them. That is where Defund La Raza comes in. We are dedicated to exposing the "The Race" to all Americans. We will be releasing exposé articles and videos, and are now running a national TV ad to reveal this dangerous organization to the vast majority of Americans who have no idea that their very own tax dollars FUND La Raza! We will not stop until La Raza is DEFUNDED by government and corporate entities.

If you support our cause, please help us run our ad. the more support we get the more widely we can run the ad and expose this scandal to the American People.

And whether or not you support our ads, please DO join the fight, by going to and use our resources. then contact your U.S. Representative at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to sponsor/support legislation to defund "The Race".

Together we can stop this outrage!


Chris Peterson
Chris Peterson
Defund La Raza