Presidential Candidate Andy Martin opposes "Northern Pass" project in New Hampshire


Andy Martin says he opposes the Northern Pass project

Martin says Northern Pass is a “NIMBY project” in which other states that do not want to generate power want to use New Hampshire as a convenient conduit for their own future needs

Martin’s Granite State family ties make him New Hampshire’s “Favorite Son” candidate in the presidential primary

Martin expects that the Northern Pass controversy will create a “cleavage” between Martin, who has an environmental protection track record, and the other Republican presidential candidates, who do not

(CONCORD, NH)(June 6, 2011) In a dramatic example of how nimble a campaigner Andy Martin has become in the Republican Party’s 2012 New Hampshire presidential primary, Martin will hold a news conference in Concord, NH on Monday, June 6th to oppose construction of the “Northern Pass” power project which is rejected by many NH environmentalists and businesses.

“One of the ways my campaign is different than those of my competing ‘small government’ presidential candidates is that I actually study the primary electorate from state-to-state and work to understand local concerns. We just don’t come into a state in private jets and limos and drive around to host fund raising parties at the homes of rich people. I am concerned with local businesses and working families. I am the only candidate who really knows New Hampshire from the ground up because I spent a lot of time here as a child.

“The Northern Pass project has been imposed on the people of New Hampshire by outside interests. I have taken a couple of months to familiarize myself with the project and to understand how and why it is bad for New Hampshire. The eminent domain aspects are obviously troubling.

“I have a history of challenging powerful interests and standing up against abusive power line plans. In the 1970’s I filed a NEPA lawsuit to block a power line proposed by Illinois Power across the runway approach to the University of IllinoisWillard Airport. The power line was cancelled.

“None of the other Republican presidential candidates have an actual track record of protecting the environment and standing up to powerful interests. On the contrary, most of them have proven they are servants of powerful business interests, lobbyists and corrupt casino operators in Las Vegas. Despite the fact that the EPA was created by President Richard Nixon, my own party does not have a strong record in recent years of fighting to protect the environment. I do. While I like to style myself as a ‘Reagan’ successor, when it comes to the environment I am Teddy Roosevelt all-the-way.

“Monday I will announce my opposition to the Northern Pass proposal,” Martin says. “I will offer to help in any way that New Hampshire residents feel would aid their cause.”



Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin       


Main Lobby, Legislative Office Building, Concord, New Hampshire        

WHEN: Monday, June 6, 1:00 P.M.


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will announce his

Opposition to the Northern Pass power project