CONCORD NEWS CONFERENCE: Andy Martin in "Showdown at the Northern Pass"


Andy Martin says he will fight to block the Northern Pass project

Martin says people have a right to preserve their way of life and their environment from compelled intrusion by arrogant corporate interests

Martin’s Granite State family ties make him New Hampshire’s “Favorite Son” candidate in the presidential primary

Martin expects the Northern Pass controversy to create a “cleavage” between Martin, who has a track record of environmental protection, and the other Republican presidential candidates, who do not and are against environmental protection

(CONCORD, NH)(June 6, 2011) Monday, June 6th Andy Martin throws down the gauntlet to his opponents in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary. Do Martin’s opponents represent the people of New Hampshire to Washington? Or do they represent Washington to the people of New Hampshire? Martin says he is the only candidate who has New Hampshire roots and speaks on behalf of New Hampshire values in the Northern Pass controversy.

Martin will be interviewed on the Bulldog Live show, at 11:25 A.M., Monday on WTPL-FM (live streaming available for nationwide listening). Go to

“Unlike my opponents, I can remember hiking in New Hampshire’s forests and swimming in its lakes as a little boy (and freezing),” Martin says. “New Hampshire’s quality of life and New Hampshire’s conservation values were a part of my life from childhood.

“That is why the man and the hour are coming together in the Republican presidential primary. New Hampshire residents face an existential challenge: will corporate interests literally plow down New Hampshire’s forests, and bulldoze NH’s quality of life, to provide power for other areas of New England and New York?

“My opponents in the New Hampshire presidential primary are all honorable men and women, with slight exclusions. But they are coming to New Hampshire to represent Washington ‘power’ to the people of New Hampshire. My opponents travel in corporate jets and luxurious accommodations. I don't.

“I stand up today in the LOB to represent New Hampshire’s values to the Washington ‘power brokers.’ That is why my candidacy is a watershed event for New Hampshire voters. I have a history of standing up and fighting back against powerful corporate and political interests. In fact, my independence and integrity are the real source of my unpopularity in the corridors of power.

“With me, there is a track record of performance, not promises. [] With the others? All promises, or ‘all sail and no anchor.’ 

“I was not invited to the CNN debate next week precisely because I am different. I am not a professional politician. I have devoted my adult life to successfully fighting corruption in politics and government. The media are servants of the powerful, not ordinary people, because the media are owned by powerful interests. I am not their man. No way. No how. CNN does not want an opponent of the Northern Pass muddying the waters in its pre-scripted ‘debate.’ They don’t want Republicans to know they have a real choice of candidates.

“Right now I am fighting a crooked federal judge, Paul Barbadoro, because Barbadoro is trying to undermine the integrity of New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary. I believe everyone should have a chance to state their case to New Hampshire’s voters; that is what New Hampshire values are all about. Barbadoro is just one more arrogant and crooked federal judge that wants to censor debate to enforce the dictatorship of the politically powerful over the politically powerless.

“I am not here to tell New Hampshire residents how to fight against Northern Pass. I am here to join the fight which they have begun. I am here to help them in their fight. I am here to serve, with humility. I don’t arrive in a corporate jet or other luxurious conveyance. I am the antithesis of the other Republican candidates with their multi-million dollar budgets and armies of ‘advisers.’

“Monday in Concord at the LOB, the battle lines will be drawn. New Hampshire voters will know where I stand on Northern Pass and on New Hampshire’s values and quality of life.

“Where do my presidential opponents stand?” Martin will demand Monday in Concord.



Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin       


Main Lobby, Legislative Office Building, Concord, New Hampshire        


Monday, June 6, 1:00 P.M.


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin opposes Northern Pass power project