Nashua, NH, June 5, 2011 – Today, hundreds of conservative activists attended a barbecue and Straw Poll hosted by The New Hampshire Conservative Future PAC. New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, NHGOP Chairman Jack Kimball and conservative activists Robert Jursik, Karen Testerman, and Ovide Lamontagne addressed the crowd.

            NHCF PAC Chairman Chris Crawford said, “We are overwhelmed by the amount of support that we had today. We raised twice as much as our fundraising goals and had dozens more guests than expected. This shows the strength of the conservative movement in New Hampshire – everyone is working together at every level to enact change in our state and nation.”

            CFO Tyler McAfee said, “It seemed like people had a great time at our event today. All of our speakers articulated a very clear message: We must elect a Republican for president in 2012. Our generation is getting screwed by this administration and we need a change of direction. From the municipal elections this year to the federal elections of next year, we are going to help elect conservative candidates across this state.”


The results for the Straw Poll were as follows:


  1. Rick Santorum – 36.7%
  2. Ron Paul (Tied) – 11.7%
  3. Tim Pawlenty (Tied) – 11.7%
  4. Mitt Romney – 10.9%
  5. Gary Johnson – 10.2%
  6. Herman Cain – 7.8%
  7. Michele Bachmann – 5.4%
  8. Sarah Palin – 2.3%
  9. Newt Gingrich (tied) – 1.5%

10.  Rudolph Giuliani (tied) – 1.5%