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Insanity has been defined as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If a project you took on at work failed miserably, and you were told to do the same thing in the same way again, would you think that was great leadership? If you knew a better way to do things, wouldn’t you have a duty to speak up?
Balanced Budget Amendment 

That’s the situation facing us in Washington, D.C. right now.

The Democrats spent $787 billion in a "stimulus" package in order to have the government "create" jobs. They failed. Unemployement has risen - and is now at 9.1%. So, what's the Democrats' Plan B? That's right: More Debt!

Stop the insanity. 

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Just how bad has the Democrats' stimulus failed? Obama’s threatened "worst case scenario" for jobs if his Stimulus plan weren't passed would have actually been better than the reality. This means according to the White House's own prediction their stimulus killed jobs, and now the Democrats want to pile more failure on top of failure. Spending an astonishing amount of your tax dollars hasn’t worked, so now they want to try more of the same.

Unemployment was high when President Ronald Reagan took office, but he didn’t solve it by spending his way out of it. He wanted to try something different: fiscal responsibility and lowered tax rates. At the time, we were assured by Democrats and the media told us that Reagan was crazy. How did his plan work out? Unemployment fell to 5.3% under his leadership, and it kicked off an era of prosperity that lasted a generation in this country.

But Democrats either don't get that, or ignore it. They want to continue to burden our children and grandchildren by raising the staggering debt ceiling above $14.3 trillion. President Obama’s failure to lead on this issue and the Democrats' lack of fiscal restraint got us into this mess. We can’t spend our way out of it now.

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Rob Jesmer

Executive Director, NRSC