NotEvilJustWrong - Journalist vows to fight censorship by Oscar-nominated filmmaker


Los Angeles, CA - JOSH FOX uses lawyers to silence criticism AGAIN.

Josh Fox, the Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker, has, for the second time, had his lawyers close down a short film critical of his work.

The film by Irish journalist Phelim McAleer shows Fox admitting he withheld important evidence that would contradict one of the main claims of Gasland, his award-winning documentary.

McAleer had posted the short film on YouTube, but Fox took legal action and had it pulled down. McAleer attempted to get around the ban by posting it on rival website Vimeo, but once again Fox called in the lawyers and the film was yanked.

Fox is the director of Gasland, a documentary which claims a type of gas drilling, known as fracking is polluting water.

In particular, Fox claims the drilling has polluted drinking water so badly, that families are now able to light the water coming from their faucets. These water lighting incidents are one of the most dramatic scenes in Gasland.

However, in a recent Q&A, under close questioning from journalist McAleer, Fox admitted that he was aware of but withheld evidence that would contradict these dramatic scenes. Fox admitted that he knew there were problems with naturally occurring gas in the water decades before fracking started in those areas.

He said he had not included such evidence because it "was not relevant".

Phelim McAleer said he would continue to try and thwart Fox's attempts at censorship. He said he has created a new website where he is posting the video.

"This means Fox can't use his lawyers to force the website owners to take the film down - just as he has done with YouTube and Vimeo. We will keep it up and we urge people to embed and spread the link to the video to everyone who believes in honesty and freedom of the press."

Fox said the McAleer video breached his copyright by using a short clip of Gasland footage of the burning water.

"This is nonsense", said McAleer.

"The footage is used under the "fair use" law which was set up to protect legitimate criticism. The reality is that Fox does not like criticism and is using lawyers to stifle dissent. Once again so called "liberal and tolerant" filmmakers have shown they are the most illiberal and intolerant of all."

PHELIM MCALEER is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. He specializes in asking difficult questions of the mainstream environmental movement. He famously had his microphone turned off for asking Al Gore some inconvenient questions about his documentary. He was threatened by an armed guard at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen for asking an activist/scientist difficult questions about Climategate and he was assaulted on live television for taking a skeptical look at the conference,

He is the producer and director of Not Evil Just Wrong - a documentary which examines Global Warming.