2011 CNHT Taxpayer Picnic in Hillsborough a Success

HILLSBOROUGH, NH — About 250 people attended the 2011 CNHT Annual Taxpayer Reunion Picnic at the Hillsborough American Legion on Saturday July 9th.

Master of Ceremonies was Honorable Mike Ball and among the speakers were Congressman Charles Bass, NH GOP Chair Jack Kimball, former candidate for US Senate Ovide Lamontagne, and Speaker of the House William O'Brien who received an award for his work in the legislature. Also speaking were Representative Dan Itse, as well as many taxpayer advocates from local communities. Presidential candidate Thad McCotter spoke as well as representatives from the Bachmann, Cain, Johnson, Paul, Romney, and Santorum, campaigns. Several local groups had display booths; Jennifer Horn's "We the People", Ovide Lamontagne's "Granite Oath Pac", The NH Liberty Alliance, The National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies, Granite State Taxpayers, and the Capital Area 912 group of Concord.

A presidental straw poll was conducted with the following results:

Ron Paul 63
Rick Santorum 20
Michele Bachmann 17
Herman Cain 17
Mitt Romney 14
Tim Pawlenty 12
Gary Johnson 11
Thad McCotter 3
Jon Huntsman 1
Andy Martin 0

There were two write-ins were for Rick Perry who was not included on the ballot since he's not declared a candidacy.

There was one write-in for Alan Keyes who is not running.


Founded in 1999, The Coalition of NH Taxpayers is NH's most active taxpayer umbrella group. CNHT's goal is to reduce the size of government at all levels, put a stop to judicial activism, provide students and parents with a choice of educational opportunities, expand our job market, and protect our ever shrinking property rights.
CNHT strives to keep taxes low, government small and honest, protect individual rights and freedoms, and preserve the "New Hampshire Advantage". CNHT strongly believes that good government that serves the people should be limited and fiscally prudent.