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Concord Monitor editorial: Hyperbole will hurt Romney's chances
WMUR Political Scoop
: "In the UNH poll in May, close to three-quarters of Republicans said they aren't all that engaged in the presidential primary.This shouldn't be shocking in any other state, in any other year. But the fact that there is such wide antipathy is surprising in a place where politics is considered the state sport, and there are just seven months before the first-in-the-nation primary."

Union Leader (via Politico):
Warning signs for Romney

Concord Monitor: Why we're a little jealous of Newt Gingrich

Boston Globe: "Representative Michele Bachmann has rapidly gained ground in a new poll of New Hampshire voters, tapping her popularity with Tea Party activists and potentially causing problems for Republican front-runner Mitt Romney."

Fosters Daily Democrat: GOP presidential hopeful McCotter visits Dover

Concord Monitor: A day in the social media campaign
Boston Globe: "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney this morning gave his most in-depth defense yet of his assertion that President Obama made the recession worse - a criticism he tried to disavow last week.... Independent fact check agencies have questioned Romney's claim, noting that the recession ended in June 2009, just six months after Obama took office." 


State News & Views


Concord Monitor: Repeal looms over gay couples  

Seacoast Online (via AP): Governor Lynch vetoes RGGI bill

Union Leader: Union member wins GOP House primary 

Nashua Telegraph: "The six Planned Parenthood centers in New Hampshire stopped dispensing contraception last week after the Executive Council rejected a new contract with the organization."  

Union Leader: NH's congressional delegation toe party line on debt ceiling 

Concord Monitor: Foreclosures up 5.3 percent 

Union Leader: Kuster's $365 tops Bass


New Hampshire Democrats Respond

Press release
: Romney Advocates Deregulating Wall Street and a Return to the Out of Control Financial Sector That Got Us Into this Mess 

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