Americans For Prosperity Foundation-New Hampshire Releases First Ever Legislative Score Card

-Detailed Analysis Examines Legislators’ Commitment to Protecting Prosperity-

WINDHAM – The New Hampshire chapter of Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF-NH) released today its first ever Legislative Score Card. The Score Card measures how legislators in Concord voted on bills relating to economic freedom and prosperity. 

“New Hampshire voters sent a message to the legislators in last November’s election that they want smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation,” said AFP Foundation-New Hampshire State Director Corey R. Lewandowski. “Americans for Prosperity Foundation-New Hampshire is pleased to release our Legislative Score Card enabling Granite State voters to see how successful their elected officials have been at responding and adhering to that message.”

AFPF-NH compiled vote tallies from the New Hampshire House of Representatives and State Senate and assigned each member a grade based upon the percentage of votes they cast in line with pro-prosperity positions. In order to receive an “A+” rating and earn the title “Protector of Prosperity,” a member of the House or Senate had to be present for all votes scored and have voted in support of the AFPF-NH position.

In the State Senate, 3 members received an “A+,” 4 received an “A,” 4 received a “B,” 7 received a “C,” 1 received a “D,” and 5 members received an “F.”

In the House of Representatives, 136 members received an “A+,” 111 received an “A,” 23 received a “B,” 8 received a “C,” 7 received a “D,” and 113 received an “F.”

“Our Score Card demonstrates that while there is parity among the grades earned in the Senate, the House is a completely different story,” said Lewandowski. “House Members earning an ‘A+,’ an ‘A,’ or an ‘F’ account for 360 of the total House Members meaning that while much has been done to educate citizens about pro-prosperity issues, there is still more to be done.”

To view a brief summary of the legislators and their grades CLICK HERE

To view a more detailed version of the legislators’ grades CLICK HERE FOR SENATE


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To view the Comparison of Chambers charts showing the difference in grade distribution between the State Senate and the House of Representatives CLICK HERE.