[freekeenenews] Memorial for Thomas Ball 7/15 8:30am Superior Court


Exactly one month to the day Thomas James Ball self-immolated at Cheshire “superior court”, friends, supporters, family, and critics of the insane “justice” system will gather to remember Thomas Ball, when the government people just want you to forget him. It happens tomorrow, Friday 7/15 at 8:30a in front of the “superior court” building at 12 Court St. in Keene.

Here’s a facebook event for it.

Though I created the facebook event, this event is not Free Keene’s creation. Liberty lovers at FK were invited by the event’s original creators, who I believe are the father’s rights group of which Tom Ball was a part.

If you arrive early, there’s also a possibility you’ll experience a showdown as Free Keene TV‘s crew will be attending and court security has threatened that there will be arrests of media.

See you there.
Ian Freeman
Blogger, FreeKeene.com