NHDP - Statement of Sen. Martha Fuller Clark on Romney Seacoast Visit Today

Portsmouth, N.H. - Former State Senator Martha Fuller Clark released the following statement, responding to Mitt Romney's campaign visit to the Seacoast today.


"Mitt Romney's visit today shows again just how out of touch he is with Granite Staters. Romney continues to advocate ending Medicare as we know it and returning to the failed policies of the last decade that nearly sank our economy into a second Great Depression - including letting Wall Street run wild again. Mitt Romney has also consistently failed to even address one of the most critical issues being debated in Washington and across the country today - the debt limit.    


The people of neighboring Massachusetts have seen the failed leadership Mitt Romney exhibited there as Governor - plummeting the state to 47th in the nation out of 50 states in job creation, bleeding manufacturing jobs and failing to lead on the economy.  Romney's failed Massachusetts jobs record is not right for New Hampshire and not right for America."