NHDP - Guinta and Bass Vote Sets NH to Lose 2K Construction Jobs

ICYMI: Guinta and Bass Vote Sets NH to Lose 2K Construction Jobs


Concord, NH - In case you missed it, New Hampshire Public Radio reported Thursday that New Hampshire has been set up to lose 2,000 construction jobs if the Republican Congressional budget is passed.  Both of New Hampshire's Republican members of Congress Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta voted for the reckless plan.  In response Guinta told NHPR that was "why he was sent to Washington."


"Congressman Guinta could not be more wrong unless perhaps he voted to destroy Medicare for a third time," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "His complete lack of focus on job creation is why voters have a negative view of his time in Congress and his approval ratings are at their lowest point ever."


A UNH poll released last week, found that New Hampshire voters have a negative view of both Congressmen Bass and Guinta.  In the second Congressional district, Bass was viewed unfavorably by 39% percent of voters, over ten percent more than those who had a favorable opinion of him.  In the first district, Guinta was also viewed negatively by a plurality of voters.


"As long as Congressmen Bass and Guinta continue their reckless and irresponsible agenda of cutting Medicare and killing jobs they should expect voters will continue to disapprove of them." continued Kirstein.  "Killing thousands of New Hampshire jobs will decimate our Granite State economy."


The full text of the New Hampshire Public Radio story can be found here; NHPR: U.S. House Transportation Bill Cuts Construction Jobs.