NCMHR - Please Sign Petition to the NY Times: Provide Balanced Coverage on Antidepressant Medications

Petition to the New York Times
Created by Mark Foster 
Greetings, friends--
I hope this find you all well.
I have helped in creating a petition entitled, "A Petition to the NY Times requesting an opportunity for Robert Whitaker to respond to Dr. Peter Kramer" and wanted to see if you would consider adding your name.
The issue is this:  Last Sunday, the New York Times pubished on the front page of its review section an article authored by Dr. Peter Kramer, "In Defense of Antidepressants."  This unsubstantiated article contained misinformation and misinterpretation of studies.  It was designed to marginalize critics of unwarranted medication usage for mental distress, and to reassure readers that the drugs are safe and effective.  This article has been widely circulated, and became the most emailed article of that date.
Everybody has a right to an opinion.  But it is incumbent upon the world's leading newspaper to provide balanced coverage of opposing viewpoints, especially on such a controversial issue.  This petition is to ask the NY Times to provide comparable space for a rebuttal.  Signing it is not saying that you disagree with all psychiatric medications (I am not anti-medication, but rather support a limited, short-term use of them in very select cases with patients being fully informed of their risks and withdrawal effects).  Signing is indicating that you support a balanced approach and accurate representation of facts in the mainstream press.
Robert Whitaker has written an excellent rebuttal, which we would like the NY Times to reproduce within its own pages.  You can read it here:
Our goal is to reach 1,000 signatures and we need more support.  You can read more and sign the petition here:
Please consider posting this on facebook and forwarding this to any friends who might have interest.
Thanks for the support!