[freekeenenews] Activists Found NOT GUILTY by Jury of "Wiretapping" and "Resisting" Charges

Pete and Ademo have been found not guilty by a jury in Greenfield, MA.
It’s the first time this has happened. In addition, they defended
themselves and did not pour thousands of dollars into attorneys. They
did a great job at it too (the video is coming – stay tuned), but what
role did the audience play?

There were more than 50 people there on the first day and more than 30
there today. They were all supporters. They applauded Pete and Ademo
multiple times. They laughed at the aggressors’ absurdities multiple
times. They provided moral support for the guys. They protested. But
also worth mentioning – they took time out of their busy schedules to
support their fellow noncooperative liberty-lovers.