Josiah Bartlett Center - $1,000 per page?

Rich Ashooh takes over at Josiah Bartlett Center


Rich AshoohWe're happy to welcome our new Chairman, Rich Ashooh.  Rich takes over as Chairman of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy from Eugene Van Loan, who will remain an active member of the Board.

“The Josiah Bartlett Center exists in order to help New Hampshire citizens better know and understand their state government,” said outgoing Chairman Eugene Van Loan. “Rich Ashooh brings unmatched experience and insight in the public and private sectors to help us better fulfill that mission.”

Ashooh is Vice-President at BAE Systems, and has served as a legislative aide to New Hampshire Senators Warren Rudman and Gordon Humphrey. In 2010, he was a Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s First District. He and his wife Lori are raising five children in Bedford, NH.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to guide the Josiah Bartlett Center as we begin our next chapter,” Ashooh added. “With so many complex and important public policy questions facing us as a state and as a country, we will continue to demand transparency and accountability from our government.”

State paying almost $283,000 for energy study
How much would you pay for a comprensive report on energy issues facing New Hampshire.  $1,000 per page?  That's what the Public Utilities Commission is paying a Vermont consulting firm for a 286-page report, costing just under $283,000.  Grant Bosse has full story at NH Watchdog.

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What's causing the unfunded liability in the New Hampshire Retirement System?
We've provided in-depth coverage to New Hampshire's public pension crisis, a $3.7 billion unfunded liability that threatens state and local budgets and the secure retirement of New Hampshire's police, firemen, teachers, and public employees.  Now, Reasearch Associate Joshua Elliott-Traficante provides an unprecedented look inside that unfunded liability to determine which groups of public employees are putting the most pressure on the New Hampshire Retirement System.  He finds that funding gap for one group of workers is three times larger that for others.  Find out by reading the full report, State Pensions: The Unfunded Liability and What It Means.

Put The Cloakroom back on the air
Throughout the New Hampshire budget debate, we kept you informed with our weekly video magazine, The Cloakroom.  Unfortunately, some dasterdly culprits have stolen our video camera equipment, knocking The Cloakroom off the air.  We need your help to buy a new camera.  Please make a donation to the Josiah Bartlett Center today so that we can bring back The Cloakroom for another season.