US Rep Bass Statement on Cut, Cap, and Balance Act

WASHINGTON – Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) issued the following statement this evening after the House of Representatives passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act (H.R. 2560), which would cut spending by over $100 billion for Fiscal Year 2012, cap total federal spending as a percentage of GDP, and require the passage of a balanced budget amendment before raising the debt limit.  The legislation does not make any changes to Social Security, Medicare, or veterans funding.

Bass said:

“I did not come back to Congress to sit idly and let the status quo of out-of-control federal spending destroy our children and grandchildren’s futures.  I am here because we need to make tough choices now, not later.

“We can let the federal spending spree continue, or we can do something about it.  This legislation does something: it brings federal spending to pre-stimulus levels, enacts reasonable spending caps, and requires the federal government to live within its means, just like families across New Hampshire do every day.  Congress needs to show the American people it has the discipline to solve our spending crisis, whether it’s with this legislation or another responsible plan.  And we need to start today.”