CEI's Harry Reid "worst bill in history" contest

In a comment heard 'round the country, Senate Majority Leader yesterday proclaimed the "Cut, Cap & Balance" plan “perhaps some of the worst legislation in the history of this country.”  Maybe you were thinking what we were thinking: What?!  Surely there have been bills in American history far more deserving of that distinction and dishonor than a bill aimed at reining in out-of-control government debt and spending.  So, we decided to put the question to you.  What's the worst bill introduced in Congress that you can think of?  It's a contest -- winning answer earns an "Enjoy Capitalism" t-shirt from Bureaucrash.com

All you have to do is submit your answer + email address on Openmarket.org in the comment section below the blog post, and wait a week to see what offensive and/or ridiculous legislation we deem the worst in American history.