NHDP - Bill O'Brien's Birthday is Nothing for NH to Celebrate

Concord, NH - This week, while House Republican Speaker Bill O'Brien celebrated his birthday with a slew of special interest lobbyists, the people of New Hampshire had little to celebrate. Why? Because since O'Brien turned the State House into a reckless Republican circus eight months ago, New Hampshire's economy and quality of life have been severely damaged.


Under O'Brien's irresponsible agenda:


...Hundreds of public and private sector New Hampshire jobs have been eliminated in the reckless state budget passed by House and Senate Republicans. [Union Leader, 6/7/2011]


...Health care costs are rising as a direct result of a 250 million dollar tax increase on hospitals, many of which also happen to be some of New Hampshire's largest employers. [NHPR, 6/14/2011]


...New Hampshire's economic recovery has been slowed by four years. In December New Hampshire was only a year away from fully recovering from the recession [Link], but after eight months of Speaker O'Brien, economists now predict that New Hampshire is five years away from recovering fully. [Link]


...Active duty military service men and women and college students have had their right to vote personally threatened by Speaker O'Brien. [Youtube, HB176]


...Over 1,000 children have been thrown out of the Children in Need of Services program that provided education and health services to children in need. [NHFPI.org]


...College tuition has been made more expensive, while cigarettes have gotten cheaper. [AP, 6/22/2011]


...Companies losing over $1,000,000.00 per year received a tax break, while cuts were made to Domestic Violence Prevention programs. [HB1, HB2]


...Hundreds of children and adults born with developmental disabilities will be forced to wait up to 228 days to receive vital services. [NHFPI.org]


...Thousands of single parents will lose access to child care forcing them to give up their jobs and rely on state assistance. [NHFPI.org]


....More than 1,500 senior citizens had vital services cut when the Service Link program was nearly eliminated. This irresponsible move will actually cost taxpayers more money than it saves, if only ten percent of these individuals obtain Medicaid funded nursing home care.  [NHFPI.org]


...Home owners will see their property taxes skyrocket as a result of hundreds of millions of dollars of downshifted costs to cities and towns across the state. [LBAO Analysis]


...Multi-million dollar loopholes were created for tax cheaters, shifting more of the burden to honest New Hampshire business and families. [NHFPI.org]


...Taxpayer money was wasted creating a new committee to help spring a convicted and confessed child molester out of jail. [Concord Monitor, 1/21/2011]


"Sadly this is just the beginning of O'Brien's reckless reign," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "His irresponsible anti-New Hampshire agenda has made the current legislature the most unpopular in state history. Not only has there been a nearly 20-point negative swing for Republicans on generic legislative ballot since November, but the second consecutive UNH poll showed that New Hampshire voters consider Republicans in the state legislature to be one of the three most serious problems currently facing the state."