AFP -Washington Fails to Cut Spending

Just minutes ago, Senate liberals tabled the “Cut, Cap and Balance” Act which had been put forward by Senator Jim DeMint and free market House Republicans.

Harry Reid refused to even allow the plan to be debated. He called the plan to cut spending and balance our budget “some of the worst legislation in the history of this country,” even though a new CNN poll shows 66 percent of Americans support the plan.

You and I should know what comes next. President Obama, Senate and House Democrats and many “head for the tall grass” Republicans will now demand a “compromise” that increases taxes and allows spending as usual to continue.

Here’s the kicker – the tax increases will take effect immediately and be permanent. The promised spending cuts will be just that, promises. Why? Because no Congress can bind future Congresses when it comes to spending levels.

Robert, do you trust Washington politicians to keep their word in coming years on spending cuts?

Me neither.

Our last line of defense is the House Republicans. CLICK HERE to tell your member to vote NO on tax increases or false spending cut promises as part of some debt limit increase “compromise.”

To House Republicans’ credit, they passed “Cut, Cap and Balance” with only 9 of their number voting NO (mostly conservatives who wanted to cut EVEN MORE.). In addition, 5 courageous House Democrats also voted for the legislation. Click here to see how your Representative voted.

Last week at an event, a Vietnam vet wearing a Marine Corps baseball cap told me that “we’ve got challenging days ahead but just remember that no fight worth winning is ever easy.”

He also told me there’s “no such thing as a ‘former Marine’ because once a Marine always a Marine.”

A big challenge confronts us. Throwing up our hands would be easier. But, we’re going to keep fighting. There’s no such thing as “former” grassroots freedom fighters!

Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity

P.S. “Cut, Cap and Balance” is the ONLY serious attempt to cut government spending in the short-term while bringing genuine long-term budgetary reform with a Balanced Budget Amendment and a hard cap on government spending. CLICK HERE to tell your member of Congress to “keep fighting” for it!