McCotter Supports Life and Liberty in Granite State

Following a vote by New Hampshire’s Executive Council to end a state contract with Planned Parenthood due in part to wasteful spending, the Obama Administration has sent a letter to the state hinting that federal Medicaid funds could be withheld if the decision to de-fund Planned Parenthood is not reversed. Republican presidential candidate, Rep.Thaddeus McCotter released the following statement:

“Without life there can be no liberty, and the Obama administration apparently is committed to extinguishing both. “By threatening to use the crowbar of withholding funding of basic health-care services from those most in need in New Hampshire, Barack Obama and his administration once against reveal themselves to be the uncaring thugs we increasingly understand them to be, as well as a group that fails to understand or respect the fundamental value of federalism.

“Leaders in New Hampshire made a decision based on their views, and those of the good taxpayers of New Hampshire, to end a state contract with an organization that was bloated, wasteful and not in keeping with the priorities of the state. Instead, as with Obamacare, the administration is attempting to impose its costs and values on our fellow citizens, while withholding funding for health-care services the state and its citizens truly require. This is heartless and counter to the spirit of our nation, and I call on President Obama and Secretary of Health and Human Services Sebelius to withdraw the letter.”